lily woods and the picks prayer in c

As for music, I’m a sucker for good soft beaty’s like the latest of Lily Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz. This number has ben on a non-stop repeat one these days.



Blogging, qui moi?

Most of the times bucket list come before that milestone age with things to do before adding the dreadful year on your passport. Well, I’m doing it vice versa. Turning 40 in 2 days and getting a bucket list now with short & long term things I dream of or just want to experience. And one of them is blogging. And apparently I registered this blog already back in 2010 and never did something with it. Mommmster, start-up of my freelancing and insecurity about this whole blogging thing next to procastinating about it, probably explains mostly why this blog never has developped itself into more than a taken blogdomain. So let’s beat this blog procastination (and procastination in general in my life), let’s get this adventure started at 40 when still fabulous. Blogging on the bucket list probably means that I’ll have to get myself drowned into the subject by:

  • reading Stephanie Duval’s book How blogs work, to be released in september
  • define blogtopics, a layout and linking the whole thing to the social www world.
  • get in touch for blogger courses, we’ll spotted one and completely forgot where & ho and how
  • Beslissen of ik het in het Engels of Nederlands ga doen.

So let’s get it started! Other tips, trics and wise words are welcome

Cheers Ilse